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Chemical Free Living - Natural make-up

Do you really know what products you are putting on your skin? Have you ever red the ingredients on your make-up? Do you know what they mean? Is natural make-up better? We have the answers regarding what really is hidden in your makeup!

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How to have a more sustainable/ Eco Christmas

Christmas is such a magical time! You get to spend time with friends and family, indulge in delicious food and open Christmas gifts! But unfortunately, after all the hype is over, we are left with mounts of food waste, a few extra pounds, and lots of unnecessary rubbish (think plastic cutlery, broken Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas cards, etc) 

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Zero Waste Living - Laundry

Laundry products are usually loaded with harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, not only are these chemicals bad for the environment, but could also be costing us our health and our pocket! We have a few easy tips to reduce your waste and also your cost whilst making your laundry smell nice and fresh. 

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Eco Clothing: Why Make the Switch?

Our culture is growing accustomed to waste while simultaneously trying to improve the world. Fashion creates an ethical dilemma for health, welfare and environmental sustainability. Making the switch from synthetic clothing to Eco-friendly clothing is always a good decision. Doing so lets you eliminate harmful plastic packaging and chemicals that reside in the fabric.

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