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What is in your Makeup?

Let's be honest; most of us want to look our best when we step out into the world. So it goes without saying that makeup and cosmetics are something that many of us use every single day. We repeatedly go through our daily routine from cleansers to eye shadow. But we are rarely conscious of the potential harm that many of these products can have on the environment.

They include everything from production to the ingredients that are used and the packaging that they come in. The world's obsession with beauty can have a detrimental effect on not only the environment but your health as well.

Diving into the world of natural organic makeup does not have to be overwhelming, as there are plenty of places to buy natural products online. There are many reasons that you should think about replacing your makeup and cosmetics with organic makeup. Instead of throwing them all out, consider making the switch as your current products run out.

It can be confusing with such a wide range of makeup on the market. Especially since most contain ingredients which are not very eco-friendly or environmentally sustainable. But, it is those ingredients that are often promoted as being the most aesthetically pleasing to complete your look.

Many fragranced products include chemicals like Phthalates. They have been known to cause issues with air pollution. Also, if it ends up in the ecosystem, it has been shown to affect the reproductive systems of humans and other organisms.

Cheaper beauty products can also often contain heavy metals, especially lead. Not only is this damaging to your health, like with a lot of makeup, but most of it also ends up being washed away or on the end of a makeup wipe, which ends up in a landfill. You will be hard-pressed to find any beauty products that do not contain parabens unless you are looking for the best organic makeup.

Parabens can work as endocrine disruptors, mimicking estrogen in the body. They can cause hormonal imbalances and the issues associated with it, like breast cancer. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is another ingredient to watch out for. But it is so commonly used in products that are not organic beauty products. These sulphates can cause skin issues and are linked with other carcinogens.

Toluene is found in nail polish and hair dye. It's another toxin to watch out for as it can be toxic to your immune system. Not to mention the acetone or ammonia that is also used in nail polish and hair dyes. Just the smell alone shows that they can have a toxic effect on the air quality and should be avoided as much as possible, especially if you are pregnant.

Among other chemicals that can damage health, there are so many more issues with using products with these toxic chemicals. Most of them end up in the ecosystem, and this is not just an issue with the makeup itself, but other beauty products.

When it comes to cleansers microbeads that are added to help exfoliate the skin. They are mainly made of plastic. There is nothing about microbeads that promote environmental sustainability. Instead, unnecessary plastic is being washed down the drain and into the waterways.

By producing products like these compared to natural organic makeup, companies are not just playing with your health. They are also creating products that either end up either absorbed into your skin. Or the alternative is down the waterways or in a landfill. So if they are not seeping into your skin, they are ending up in the water or soil. If these products are not natural makeup products, they can do damage to whatever they absorb into.

When toxins find their way into the ecosystem, they affect all those that live in it. Animals and marine life can absorb a lot of these toxins that find their way into the soil or water, passing on more toxins.

Not to mention, so much plastic from the packaging of these products also ends up in a landfill. Which is why seeking out products that are either organic makeup products and/or natural makeup products is not only better for you. It's also better for the environment too.

It can be hard to let go of your favourite brands and much-loved cosmetics. Many of them we start using at a young age and have grown attached too. Still, this prolonged use is precisely the reason to change your consumption habits as you have already exposed yourself to a lot of toxins unnecessarily over the years.

Making the switch to all-natural organic makeup is not just the right decision for the environment. It is a choice for your future too. Being earth-friendly is not about living off the grid and going to extreme lengths. To make a real difference, all you need to do is replace the products you are currently using with all-natural organic products. You will be taking steps to encourage a more environmentally friendly house and a healthier one too.

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