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About ECO Marketplace

ECO Marketplace is the online home of environmentally friendly products and services in Australia. We take the guesswork out of shopping for products that are safe for consumers and the environment. Our business was founded upon a passion for sustainable living, and how there wasn't a platform that easily allowed us to search for eco friendly products. So, we committed to establishing a one-stop shop for eco businesses to sell their products and for consumers to shop from one trusted source.

What we offer

• ECO Marketplace offers access to a wide range of eco products and services, including special product bundles and gift registries for special occasions (baby showers, weddings etc)
• We invite vendors from micro-businesses (such as parents with side hustles) to established businesses, so long as products are of high quality and pass our eco criteria
• ECO Marketplace provides businesses the opportunity to be listed on ECO Marketplace to sell products and benefit from collective marketing

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Our vision

• To become an Australian leading marketplace, doing great things
for the community and the environment.
• To support consumers to live more sustainable lives
• To encourage businesses to change their products, packaging and
manufacturing processes to a more sustainable focus

Our point of difference...


As a buyer you can find an extensive range of Eco products at affordable prices and usually cheaper than in other stores. As a vendor ECO Marketplace is absolutely free to join, we have no monthly fees and a low 12% selling fee!

Customer Service

We provide vendors and customers a personalised customer service experience.
Our dedicated team is always willing to help from order enquiries to setting up your first online shop, we are always happy to help!


Every vendor must pass a selection criteria that ensures all products are environmentally
friendly, have no synthetic fragrances and are non-toxic. Our products must not harm our health, animals or the environment.

As the founder of Eco Marketplace, Maria is passionate for sustainable living and believes the best thing we can do for the environment is use our consumer power to reward Eco businesses doing the right thing and protect our world for future generations to enjoy.

Maria has crammed a lot into her years, from making the big move to Australia from South America at age 12, to building a career as an engineering drafter at just 19, to owning a commercial kitchen rental business and a healthy food cafe, to becoming a mum, and now being the founder of ECO Marketplace.

Even though she now has a zest for life, health issues blighted much of her 20s. While her friends were partying and building their careers, Maria felt so ill she she could barely get out of bed. She suffered for years with multiple health issues such as severe migraines, dizziness, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and digestive issues.

After years of hospital and doctor's visits without any answers, Maria realised she had been simply treating the symptoms rather than seeking the root cause of her problems. Fed up with conventional medicine not working, she decided to take the natural approach by cleaning up her lifestyle, eating a healthy, organic diet and removing all chemical loaded products from her home and beauty routine. Slowly her symptoms started to vanish and soon enough her zest for life was back!

Maria started Eco Marketplace as a way to directly connect Eco businesses to consumers, cutting the middle man and making Eco products more accessible and affordable.

 For media enquiries or to contact Maria directly:  maria.f@ecomarketplace.com.au  

What our vendors are saying...

Lisa f.

hot brown honey

"Eco Marketplace were fantastic at leading me through the process of setting up my first ever online store. The whole process has been stress free from shop set up, going live, questions, managing orders to their excellent customers support, Eco Marketplace have been truly amazing and helped me get my business online at the beginning of Covid19. Their focus on caring for the environment to their personal approach to vendors has meant I feel right at home as part of the Eco Marketplace community of vendors. Thank you Maria for caring about the future as much as we do!"

pauline F.


"I am loving working in collaboration with Eco Marketplace because they are so helpful and also so lovely to work with.
I always feel heard when I ask for help or if I have a question and the team is always there to give any kind of support.
Eco Marketplace is also very supportive on social media and advertise the brands they work with a much as they can.
I am loving sharing this journey with such an amazing team."



"Selling my products on Eco Marketplace has been such an amazing experience from start to finish, not only the team was able to answer all my questions, but they also helped me set everything up. The selling fees are the cheapest I have seen and I feel great knowing that I am also supporting an Australian family business.
Their customer service is second to none and they truly care about their vendors. I am so happy to be part of the ECO Marketplace community!"