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About ECO Marketplace

ECO Marketplace is the online home of environmentally friendly products in Australia. We take the guesswork out of shopping for products that are safe for consumers and the environment. Our business was founded upon a passion for sustainable living, and to create a platform to easily find affordable Eco-friendly products. We are committed to establishing a one-stop shop for Eco businesses to sell their products and for consumers to shop from the one trusted source.

What we offer

• ECO Marketplace offers access to a wide range of Eco products, including Eco gifts, Eco bundles and a gift registry for special occasions (baby showers, weddings etc).
• We provide small-large sized Eco businesses with a free platform to showcase their eco-friendly products to their target market and benefit from collective marketing.
• Get up to 5% in commissions on successful referrals. Refer your friends and family and earn commissions from all qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised. 

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Our vision

• To become an Australian leading marketplace, doing great things
for the community and the environment.
• To support consumers to live more sustainable lives. 
• To encourage businesses to change their products, packaging and
manufacturing processes to a more sustainable focus.

Our point of difference...


As a buyer you can find an extensive range of Eco products at affordable prices, usually cheaper than in other stores! As a vendor ECO Marketplace is free to join, has no monthly fees and a low 12% selling fee!

Customer Service

We provide customers a personalised and friendly customer service experience.
Our dedicated team is always willing to assist, from order enquiries to setting up your first online shop, we are always happy to help!


Every vendor must pass a selection criteria that ensures all products are environmentally
friendly, have no synthetic fragrances and are non-toxic. Our products must not harm our health, animals or the environment.