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Hot Brown Honey give our Love and Respect to the First Nations Peoples across the unceded territories we live and collectively make art with. Always was. Always will be. In these unprecedented times, it comes with great sadness that we are unable to make noise with all of you at our shows around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Artists from Global First Nations Heritages, as Black and Brown Women, as Women of Colour it is clear that we are in vulnerable positions. We can't say we are not worried. We have just lost most of the work we would have had for an unforeseeable time. We have households to run, children to look after, Elders to check on and a community amazing artists from the UK to Brazil to look out for as well as our wider creative community, all now in a time of uncertainty. As we free fall, we now have a responsibility as we keep on keeping on. So we don't stop!

So now it’s time for the Hot Brown Honey Revolution. Welcome to the HBH online store!

Welcome to Hive. #ThisIsHowWeDoIt

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The Soundtrack to the Hot Brown Honey Revolution - Presale Album

Want to bee a part of The Hot Brown Honey Revolution?

Did you love the music in the show and wished you could jam out to in your living room at home?
WELL we have something even better for you!!!
It’s time to create the soundtrack to THE HOT BROWN HONEY REVOLUTION!!!

Want to know more? Cue theatrical overture and Miss Elliot voice over) ...
This will be no ordinary soundtrack. Our aim is to explode our existing soundtrack and extend on the idea of what a sound of The Hive could be!

Get it now!
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