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Be part of the Ultimate Eco Box!

We are creating the "Ultimate Eco Box" and we would love to have your business be part of it!

What's inside the box?
The box will be filled with small sized Eco-friendly products, product samples, an online discount booklet with discount vouchers and a downloadable Eco E-Book (full of tips on living an Eco-friendly life) How will it work? The box will be available for purchase at an affordable price on our website (exact price TBA) and promoted through Google, Bing and Ecosia ads, Instagram & Facebook advertising, sent to influencers and advertised on relevant websites.

How can your business be a part of it?
Bring part of "Ultimate Eco Box" will give your business and brand great exposure through different marketing channels.
There are many different ways you can be a part of it, you can choose to do any of the following options:

Add discount vouchers to the online discount booklet, you can add a general discount to all products in your store or a discount for a specific product, we will then generate a discount code and display it in our downloadable discount booklet (paper free!)

- Writing an article as an expert in your field to add to our E-book with links to your products.

- Sending us any product samples you would like us to promote

- If you have any small sized products for under $15, we would love to support our sellers and purchase them in bulk (we need a range of products so will be selecting products that best fits our criteria)

Ready to join us? Just fill in the form below to get started!