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Welcome to the seller's hub!

At the Seller's Hub you will find current news and announcements, tips on how to sell and market your business on ECO Marketplace, events or special dates coming up and much more!


At ECO Marketplace we try our best to get your products to the right target market, we do this by advertising and promoting posts on Google, Facebook and Instagram, promoting products on Google shopping, continuously working on our SEO ranking, showcasing your products on different pages and much more. 

But for shoppers to find your products on ECO Marketplace, sellers must do a range of things so your products can be found not only on our website but through search engines and social media followers. 
There are a few simple things that can be done: 

  • When adding new products, make sure you add  specific and descriptive search keywords to your PRODUCT TITLE and PRODUCT HANDLE, keywords that will make your product easier to find and more relevant to the search results. Adding keywords such as "reusable" "zero waste" "organic" "natural" "essential oils" "beeswax" and any other keywords that might explain your product are going to give you an advantage in the search results for both ECO Marketplace and search engines.   
  • Adding as many relevant product tags as possible, on certain sections on the ECO Marketplace website show only products with specific tags, for example for our gift section, only products with tags such as "gifts for HER" "gift bundles" etc are shown. Please only enter relevant tags, as all irrelevant tags will be removed.
  • Add a Title Tag meta field and description (this can be found on the new product page at the bottom)  A meta title will become the title the customer will see when searching for a certain product on a search engine, the description is what will appear under the title. Once again please use relevant keywords such as "Eco-friendly reusable glass bottle" for a drinking bottle or whatever people might search for when looking for one of your products.
  • Always add the product's barcode number (if applicable) otherwise Google may reject your product and won't appear in their Google Shopping results
  • Always use high quality images, preferably with a white background for a more professional look. Add extra images of the product in use to give the shopper ideas on how to use it. 
  • Share the links to your products and ECO Marketplace page to your social media accounts and website. This will give your customers extra options to choose from and greater credibility. 

We hope these tips can help you increase sales and exposure because your success is our success!
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.