Express & International Shipping Configuration

Please Note: We are now only offering free shipping for standard shipping, this cannot be changed by sellers. Please CLICK HERE for more information on what this means for your shop and what sellers can do. 

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As we no longer provide a flat rate shipping that gets divided between sellers, sellers will now need to set the Shipping configuration for Express and International shipping from the CONFIGURATION tab on your Seller Portal. If you are not offering Express or International Shipping, then you can just leave the shipping option that you are not offering as "Disabled". To enable a service, simply click  on "Enable" from the action menu and go to the next step. 

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Once the service has been enabled, click on three dots from the action menu and select "Range Detail". From here, the Shipping Range must be set first for each Shipping method. You can set shipping range on price or weight, if you just want to have a flat rate for any weight or price just add from 0 ($ or grams) to a large amount such as 100000. Please note that if you set a shipping range based on weight, then all products must have a weight value. 

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step 3

Once the Shipping Ranges have been set, the next step is to configure Zone-wise shipping rates. From the main Shipping Configuration page, choose the type of shipping (Express or International), click on three dots from the action menu and select "View".
Click on the "Add Shipping Zone" button, select the zone you would like to ship to and add a price for each shipping range.
You can also add the "Delivery Days" for that specific zone (you can check with your shipping company for the amount of days it will take for the delivery to reach your customer). Repeat this step for each of your Shipping Zones.

step 4

Once all your Shipping Zones and Value Ranges have been set, there are just two more things left to do, selecting the type of shipping and modifying the product price to compensate for the Free Shipping changes (if needed). 
 To start, click on the PRODUCTS tab, and for each product select EDIT from the ACTION menu (three dots).
From here you can scroll down just below product policy and tick on the type of shipping you would like to offer for that product. 
To include the shipping cost in the listed product price, you’ll need calculate the necessary markup using the average shipping cost per order and add it to the current price. (Please remember to change the price for all variants)

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If you need help adding your Shipping Rates or have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at