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Nature And Health By Popo ECO Skin Care 2 Face Elixirs for $69
Nature And Health By Popo ECO Skin Care 2 Face Elixirs for $69

2 Face Elixirs for $69

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Choose 2 of your favourite face Elixirs for only $69!

NO: fillers - water - alcohol - paraben - synthetic fragrances - or other harmful chemicals

100%: eco-conscious - pure/organic - vegan - handcrafted - small batch - made in Australia


Skin Elixir (Balanced) : Specifically formulated for normal / balanced skin, however, benefiting every type of skin. This unique formula is made with precious oils, carefully chosen to feed and protect your skin. This serum is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fatty-acids to nourish the skin down to its deepest layer and help maintain a healthy glow.


Hydrating Elixir : Created for dry and mature skin types because of its powerful hydrating properties.This high quality, multi-tasking hydrating elixir will deeply hydrate your skin while boosting your collagen production with its potent fatty-acids and its world’s highest source of Vitamin C sourced from rosehip oil. This hydrating elixir will repair your skin significantly while reducing the ageing process.


Calming Elixir : This elixir is designed to sooth, hydrate and reduce inflammation of the skin using an abundance of potent fruits and botanical oils.Made with a combination of amazing fatty-acids, omega 6, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, this formula will repair your skin - slow down the appearance of ageing - reduce redness - ease the effect of irritation - deeply hydrate and improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin. The combination of organic jojoba and primrose carrier oils are well known for their exceptional hydrating properties and still being extra light on the skin.


Night Elixir : This golden elixir is packed with the world’s best Vitamin C and also potent fatty-acids and antioxidants to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.Did you know that your skin cells are the most active when you sleep and, therefore, it is crucial to give them the tools to grow new cells and repair the damaged ones? Well, this formulation was specifically made with remarkable restorative and regenerative powers to help reduce the signs of ageing.