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Blackwood Hemp ECO Hair Care Australia's Best Beard Oil 50ml | 'LUMBERJACK' Limited Edition

Australia's Best Beard Oil 50ml | 'LUMBERJACK' Limited Edition

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Your beard deserves the best…. so don’t be like the others.

  • Are you sick of being mistaken for ‘just another hipster with a beard’?

  • Do you want to feel like you chop wood?

  • Do you want something exclusively hand-crafted in small batches making each season’s batch a limited edition?

  • Do you care about your beard and what you feed you it?

  • Do you want to support local farmers and embrace sustainability for our future by using Hemp products? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to all or any of these questions then Blackwood Hemp Beard Oil is what’s best for you and your beard.

About our Beard Oil

Our [what is] small-batch Hemp Beard Oil’s using our signature ingredients grown on our farm and produced each season with varietal essences. Learn more about our ingredients at our Beard Bible Blog - Best Beard Oil

Blackwood’s signature ingredients:

Base: Hemp Seed Oil Blend  

Cold Infused with: Hemp Extract, Tobacco Leaf, Cedarwood, Neem

Lumberjack’s 50ml: varietal ingredients:

·         Bush pepper

·         Geranium

·         Olive leaf

·         Pine

There’s no question about it, Beard Oils are on ‘trend’ and there is a lot out there but what sets us apart from the other ‘generic mass manufactured chemical garbage’ is that we care about making sure that our beard oil is the best every step of the way.

We grow all the ingredients naturally at our farm in Bridgetown, Western Australia. We hand-craft every unique batch of Beard Oil using only the best quality, plant-based produce.

Each season’s fusion is a rare combination of the finest of mother earth’s offerings. Each and every beard oil is a gift of nature’s best and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we love making it!

Grow On… Your Beard deserves something different, something unique… something a bit like you.

So don’t be like the others when it comes to beard oil… only the best.

Sill not convinced? Our Beard Bible explains why using Hemp Beard Oil is the best for not only your beard but also for your skin.



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