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Blackwood Hemp ECO Hair Care Hemp Beard Oil for Growth + Thickness | 'CHARMER' 50ml

Hemp Beard Oil for Growth + Thickness | 'CHARMER' 50ml

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Are you trying to find the best hemp beard oil for growth and thickness?

It’s really hard to find the best beard oil for growth and thickness when there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. Plenty of beard oil companies claim to fast track you growing a beard.

Check out our Beard Bible Blog – Beard Growth for a few articles that give you all the facts about beard growth that you need and how our ingredients are the best for growing a beard.

About our Hemp Beard Oil

Our Hemp Beard Oils are produced each season using the best plant-based ingredients so each batch is always different. We use our signature ingredients in every fusion and then select the best varietals for our essences to infuse the unique Australian scents.

Blackwood’s signature ingredients:

Base: Hemp Seed Oil Blend  

Cold Infused with: Hemp Extract, Tobacco Leaf, Cedarwood, Neem

Charmer 50ml: varietal ingredients:

  • Maple

  • Lavender

  • Bergamot Orange Citrus

  • Peppermint

If you want to grow your beard you need quality ingredients, you can read more about why our ingredients are the best for beard oils here. Most beard oils are mass produced in factory with synthetic ingredients… yuck! If you’re sick of getting the same result, then try something different.

Here is why our Beard Growth Hemp Oils are different….

Protein Rich for Facial Hair:

Hemp Seed Oil is full of protein… your beard is made of keratin (protein) so if you want to feed your beard the best for growth then this is your secret weapon. This makes your beard hairs expand as they consume the goodness and make your beard soft, smooth and thick. So if you want to grow a beard as thick as badger fur, then look no further.

Soothes the Skin:

If you’re growing a beard, then you’d be familiar with beard dandruff (beardruff) or itch skin. Hemp is a natural anti-inflammatory and used in treating skin irritations such as dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and many others. So, if you want a soothing beard oil that also nourishes and keeps the skin on your face feeling fresh as a daisy then Hemp is definitely your best ingredient.

100% Natural, Locally Grown Ingredients:

Most of the challenge’s men face when growing a beard can be due to the chemicals in the beard shampoo and beard growth products they are using. All our ingredients are grown on our farm and hand crafted so you be assured that your beard oil is pure and from the earth.

Each season’s blend is a unique and exclusive limited edition of the best ingredients you’ll find in any beard oil in Australia. We put the care and thought into every step of the journey, from the farm… to your beard.

So, if you want to be different…. Try something different.