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Jade Face Roller

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Roll your worries away and elevate your skincare experience with our calming Jade Facial Roller.


Helps with:

- Stimulating circulation

- Drawing away toxins and promoting lymphatic drainage

- Promoting relaxation by releasing muscle tension

- Reducing puffiness

- Improving absorption of skincare products


Directions for use:

Step 1: Apply facial oil onto cleansed face.

Step 2: Using light pressure, start with stimulating the lymphatic system by using the smaller end to roll in an upwards and downwards motion from the jawline toward the collarbone.

Step 3: Use the larger end to roll along the jawline toward the ear.

Step 4Use the smaller end to roll around the eyes and eyebrows toward the temples.

Step 5: Use the smaller end to roll in between the eyebrows in an upward direction.

Step 6: Use the larger end to roll along the forehead toward the ears.

Step 7: Use the smaller end to roll the cupid's bow in a downwards motion.

Step 8: Use the smaller end to roll the chin in a downward motion.

Step 9: Repeat step 1.


With each step, roll 5-6 times. You can store your jade roller in the fridge for added cooling effects.Clean before each use. Use morning and/or night.