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RAWtribe ECO Hair Care LICEnd Nit Comb
RAWtribe ECO Hair Care LICEnd Nit Comb
RAWtribe ECO Hair Care LICEnd Nit Comb
RAWtribe ECO Hair Care LICEnd Nit Comb

LICEnd Nit Comb

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LICEnd nit comb is a modern, robust, stainless steel nit comb with unique LASER CROSS GROOVES down each of the pins, designed to remove all stages of Head Lice from nymphs (baby lice), to adult lice and even those stubborn eggs. The lasered cross grooves are effective at gripping on those stubborn eggs and combing them out with ease without any tears or complaints.

LICEnd Nit Comb has been manufactured to utilise the conditioner comb method; which has been tried and proven and is still the most effective and reliable method for removing Head Lice with the use of a quality nit comb like LICEnd. Advanced Technology has allowed us to manufacture a Triple Threat nit comb designed to Detect, Remove and Prevent Head Lice.

Comes with parting and combing instructions.