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The Soundtrack to the Hot Brown Honey Revolution

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Want to bee a part of The Hot Brown Honey Revolution? 

Did you love the music in the show and wished you could jam out to in your living room at home? 


WELL we have something even better for you!!!


It’s time to create the soundtrack to THE HOT BROWN HONEY REVOLUTION!!!


Want to know more? Cue theatrical overture and Miss Elliot voice over) ...

This will be no ordinary soundtrack.Our aim is to explode our existing soundtrack and extend on the idea of what a sound of The Hive could be!


Think choir, think live band, think sound lines that connect the voices of global Honeys, featuring some of our favourite Australian voices from Matriarchs who have paved the way to young movers and shakers in our community.


Music has the capacity to transform beliefs, minds and hearts.

Music is a way of connection for us, that surpasses longstanding systems of oppression.


The soundtrack to the Hot Brown Honey Revolution will be infused with the Radical Fierce Love, First Nations Fierceness and Our Voices and Stories. We are here to ignite hope, inspire change and pave a new path. This is our world now Mother Lovers! In these times we need a soundtrack to the Revolution! You Ready? We Ready!



Your investment will:  

Pay of artists

Create the most pumping soundtrack ever 

Keep us staunchly independent 

Build on global connections to keep creating pathways for female identifying IBPOC artists

Make Noise 


You will receive

Updates from the Honeys 

Sneak peaks 

Digital download of the album when completed 2021


When the album is ready and buzzing to be released YOU will get first release access. We will email you the download link and then it’s all yours to warm you ear holes, hearts and minds


We thank you for your support!! #DecoloniseAndMoisturise