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Blackwood Hemp ECO Hair Care Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit ‘The Beard Toolbox’ | Limited Edition Hemp Beard Oil

Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit ‘The Beard Toolbox’ | Limited Edition Hemp Beard Oil

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‘Beard Tool Box’ Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit is a Special Edition and this is where things get serious.

  • Are you a beard connoisseur?

  • You’ve been letting it grow for a while now and you don’t let a day go by without your Beard Care routine.

  • We’re guessing you’ve got a broad assortment of now, a beard oil for every occasion.

Collecting Beard Oil’s and arming yourself with professional beard grooming tool’s is the next natural step on your journey to the ultimate beard. Don’t worry, this is where we step in….

Behold ‘The Beard Toolbox’

With ‘The Beard Toolbox’ there isn’t going to be anything else that you need. You’ll be feeling like a bearded professional, a veteran of beard style and of course you’ll be the envy of all your mates.

Our Men’s Grooming range and and Beard care products are bloody awesome, check out our Beard Bible Blog to learn more about all the reasons you should be using hemp based products for a manly spin on grooming

We only use natural ingredients grown our own farm in Bridgetown Western Australia and hand craft every one of our small batch hemp beard grooming products. If this beard grooming kit is not exactly what you were looking for, check out our beard growth kits, sets and boxes or even just get in contact and we’ll make something special for you and your ol’ mate.

Beard Grooming Kit - How to use

When to use Hemp Beard Oil

We recommend using a few drops of Hemp Beard Oil every morning after a shower while your hair and skin is most porous to absorb the moisture and the natural vitamins and minerals in our uniquely blended small batch Hemp Beard Oils.

How to apply Hemp Beard Oil

When applying the beard oil just empty a few drops onto the ends of your fingers and run them from the top of your beard and let them sink down into the base against your skin. Then run them down the lengths of your beard. This will ensure that you get coverage at the base where your skin will be nourished by the Hemp beard oil.

When to use Hemp Beard Wash

This one is pretty straight forward, our Hemp Beard Wash is made from all natural ingredients so you won’t strip the hair of it’s natural oils leaving it dry and brittle. In fact, the more you use Hemp Beard Wash the more it will nourish your hair.

Our unique formula is non-foaming so don’t be alarmed and use way too much on the first go trying to get a good lather going. Just squeeze about out some beard wash about the size of a 20 cent piece and work it through the base of your beard with your finger tips. You’ll feel the consistency change when the beard wash has done it’s job and then all you need to do is rinse. There’s no need for condition because you don’t need to replace any stripped natural oils.